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What We Cover in Our Clinics

CO Catchers clinics are designed to provide a broad base of instruction to our participants.  We keep the clinic size small (maximum of 10 catchers) to ensure each catcher gets more attention.

Playing catcher requires a lot of work and overall conditioning so we spend 30 to 40 minutes warming up and conditioning.  One of the most common deficits I see in youth catchers is their leg strength which limits their ability to hold and maintain a good position and stance behind the plate.  Keep in mind, your catcher needs to have the strength and conditioning to hold a proper stance for upwards of 70+ pitches over the course of an entire game.

We offer three clinics, each designed around various aspects and skills specific to playing catcher.  We strongly recommend catchers complete our Fundamentals Clinic (outlined below) before attending either of our other two clinics to ensure they have a strong foundation established in terms of proper stance and positioning.

Aug25th CO Catchers Clinic

Fundamentals Clinic:
This clinic is designed for those catchers that have never received proper instruction specific to primary and secondary stance.  Even if your youth athlete has played catcher for 3+ years, there is a strong possibility he has never received proper instruction around primary and secondary stance.  In general catching is an ignored position because most youth coaches don’t know or understand the position.
We also spend a great deal of time on receiving in this clinic.  Receiving the pitch is the most important skill, followed closely by blocking and then throwing, that a catcher must learn.  Components as simple as where to receive the ball in your hand, how that translates to the catchers glove and glove position are critical components that are rarely taught.

Skills Development Clinic:
As stated above, we strongly recommend your catcher complete our Fundamentals Clinic prior to attending our Skills Development Clinic to ensure your catcher comes into this event with a good foundation and understanding of primary and secondary stance.
Our Skills Development Clinic is designed to teach your catcher the primary skills needed to be a good catcher and to introduce drills to help him/her develop those skills.  This clinic will provide instruction and drills to improve receiving  blocking and throwing.  These are the core skills required of a catcher and are the primary skills a catcher is evaluated on.

Special Plays Clinic (Advanced):
This clinic covers all those scenarios a catcher must know how to play such as tags at home, retrieving passed balls, foul pop-ups behind home, fielding bunts and more.  Each of these scenarios require specific instruction and technique to maximize efficiency and enable the catcher to make the best play possible.

If you know your catcher is in need of focus on one specific skill, we also offer single skill clinics.  These clinics are limited to 3 catchers and run for 2 hours.  Each clinic focuses on a single skill; receiving, blocking or throwing.

For more information about our clinics or private instruction, Contact Us.  To look for upcoming catching clinics check our Events page.

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