Pitch Framing

In recent years the "art" of pitch framing has gained a lot of attention in baseball.  Major League Baseball now tracks catchers' statistics around their effectiveness at getting strikes called on borderline pitches. Unfortunately the concept of pitch framing is misinterpreted by many players and coaches in youth baseball.  This has resulted in many youth… Continue reading Pitch Framing

General Catching

Catcher: The Forgotten Position in Pre-Game Warm-Up

A pet peeve of mine is the lack of consideration given to catchers in the pre-game warm-up routine at the youth baseball level. Watch any youth baseball game and you will find a coach hitting grounders to players in foul territory and likely a coach hitting fly balls to players in the outfield. You will… Continue reading Catcher: The Forgotten Position in Pre-Game Warm-Up

Catching Mitt/Glove

Deciding on a Catchers Mitt

Your catchers mitt is the most important piece of equipment you will use.  As you advance to higher levels of play (high school, college and beyond) it will be used to catch 100 or more pitches in a game and that doesn't count pre-game warm-up, between game bullpens and general practices. So, it is safe… Continue reading Deciding on a Catchers Mitt

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Breaking in a Catchers Mitt

One of my favorite times is when I receive a new catchers mitt.  There is just something about the process of making that mitt your own.  Forming it to your hand, shaping the pocket how you want it and in general, making it your own. This (January/February) when youth catchers should be working to break… Continue reading Breaking in a Catchers Mitt